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These support services are built on our in-depth knowledge of system life cycles and the use of metrics and thresholds to manage risks. Each program management office requires a broad range of skills to meet technical, cost, schedule, and reporting requirements.

Our experts know what it takes to execute workplace objectives effectively. We'll ensure that:

  • PMO Administrative Support
  • Requirements identification and adherence
  • Project Reporting
  • Budget and costs analysis
  • Training
  • Project scheduling

Our team has the education and credentials necessary to oversee your complex project. Contact us today for further details.

Who we can help

Agencies that benefit from Team JAMS services include:

Department of Defense
⦁US Army
⦁Defense Health Agency

Department of Homeland Security
⦁US Coast Guard
⦁Cyber Security and Infrastructure Security Agency

Federal Agencies
⦁Department of Labor
⦁Department of Transportation

Data Management and Analysis
⦁Data governance
⦁Data management
⦁Data analysis
⦁Data engineering
⦁Data visualization
⦁Data architecture
⦁Data science

JAM Systems, LLC is prepared to give you the assistance you need to ensure a successful project. Call 301-806-5017 today to learn more.

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